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Hey guys,
One of the very few posts, that is in English only. This is about how to get rid of lovesickness within 7 days.
Have fun and hopefully feel better soon <3

Three basic rules for those 7 days:
  • Don't contact him
  • Don't click his profile (on Facebook or elsewhere)
  • Don't poste how bad you feel or any comments in the third person (..."she still loved him but he could not see...")

Day 1:
Cry! You are right. All that "how could he do this to me?" "What have I done?" "I will never find someone like him again..." YES! I agree, you are completely right. On your first  D.A.S. (Day After Separation) all this is fine. Eat chocolate, crisps, get your old Whitney Houston CDs out and just feel awfully bad!

Day 2:
Have a look in the mirrow. Yesterday you cried the whole day and probably the whole night. If you are no super pretty "my face does not get red when I cry but I look awesome instead" then you will have a swollen nose, small, swollen eyes, a red face... let's just say: You don't look your best on that day. So who's fault is it? - It's his fault! He made you look like this! And all that calories yesterday? - It's him again! Is he worth all that? Is he worth looking like that and feeling even worse because of what you have done the day before? NO!
So look around, are there things he gave you? Pictures, teddybears, jewlery.... Don't worry, you don't have to throw it away, but you have to get yourself a box and put it all in. A box you can lock and put in your basement!

Day 3:
If you managed to keep away from facebook till today, you are great! This is exactly how you should go for it! So time to get yourself something pretty. Go shopping! You deserve something new. It is not necessary to change your hair (that's so much cliche...) better invest in a nice dress, new makeup or maybe you could do something new in your room?
Sometimes it just sucks to be reminded how you were sitting on that couch with him, looking at that picture... So if you can't buy new furniture, just rearrange it! Get your girls to help you and be creative. You can also just paint furniture or decorate in a different way. The main point is that you feel better with it!

Day 4:
A night with the girls! Sit together and pull him to pieces! If you are allowed to, have a nice sparkling wine. The important thing is: Have a nice evening! Not a we-cry-together-because-he-is-gone!
You can also go for a party if you want to (and you are old enough :-)).

Day 5:
Now we are getting a bit nasty. Honestly: Who wants to look their best in socail networks, hands up! You see, we all want to. So you task for today is to get new beautiful pictures of yourself and upload them somewhere he can see. No need to tell him or write something below the picture for him. Just make sure you look your best and not like you have been crying about him.
This is your way saying: I am having a good time without you!

Day 6: 
This is a bit difficult and it is up to you whether you do that or not. Usually every girl has some guy that once contacted her but she was not too interested in him. Maybe you have such a boy and his number or facebook account somewhere around... Just write him! 
It is mean, but sometimes it is good to have someone that makes you feel great and sexy. Plus he maybe writes a nice comment below your new picture or on your wall (there is nothing more effective you make your ex mad! Men check facebook profiles, too. They just don't admit it ;-)).
To make that sure: I don't say visit him for the night or anything like that! I am only talking about writing!

Day 7:
Think of what you have done the last days. All his stuff is out of your way, you have beautiful new pictures, had a great evening with your friends, probably a new looking room and a nice person to write to.
Do you need him to have a good time?

  • Clicking his Facebook profile
  • contact him
  • contact his friends
  • pulling him to pieces in public
  • third person postings (see above)
  • posting how bad you feel
  • beeing online all the time (if you are at least put "appear as offline")
  • comparing yourself to girls he might go out with now
  • making everyone see that you have a new guy (bad reputation!)
  • immediatly answering to his texts (wait at least 2 hours or don't answer at all)
  • looking at old pictures the whole time
  • pretending your whole relationship has been perfect
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